The Winners:
    Team championship   Individual championship
1971     France                        J. B. ESCLAPEZ (Fr)
1972     Bulgaria                     Dimo GROZEV(Bg)
1973     Bulgaria                     V. HASSENEVITCH (USSR)
1974     France                        N. VERANDO (Fr)
1975     Bulgaria                     Nikolay NEDEV (Bg)
1976     Bulgaria                     Hristo YANTCHEV (Bg)
1977     Bulgaria                     Hristo YANTCHEV (Bg)
1978     France                        Claude JOLY (Fr)
1979     Bulgaria                     Robert VERWIMP (Fr)
1980     Bulgaria                     Hristo YANTCHEV (Bg)
1081     Bulgaria                     Dimo GROZEV(Bg)
1982     Spain                         José AMENGUAL (Spain)
1983     Bulgaria                     Hristo YANTCHEV (Bg)
1984     Spain                         Mario FERRER (Spain)
1985     Bulgaria                     Nedo GIUSTI (It)
1986     Italy                          Branko IKITCH (Yug)
1987     Bulgaria                     Dragomir DEMIREV(Bg)
1988     Bulgaria                     Valter RASSOVSKI (Bg)
1989     Bulgaria                     Dragomir DEMIREV(Bg)
1990     Bulgaria                     Stefano BELLANI (It)
2000     Spain                         Agustin SALAS (Spain)
2001     Bulgaria                     Mario HRISTOV (Bg)
2002     France                        Sylvain PIOCH (Fr)
2003     Bulgaria                     Plamen ARABADJIEV (Bg)
2004     Bulgaria                     Plamen ARABADJIEV (Bg)
2005     Bulgaria                     Santiago GARCIA (Spain)




Cup "D.Minev"






29-th International Tournament "Silver Amphora"

The tournament Silver Amphora will be held by BUSF on September 12-13, 2014, immediately followed on September 14, 2014 by an international team tournament in memory of Dimitry Minev.

BUSF kindly asks the federations and teams interested in the above events to submit letters of intent or registration for participation.


Bulgarian Federation for Underwater Sports

Event Director:

Zlati Kolarov

Chief judge:

Anton Antonov

Data of the event:

September 13

Aquatory to North:

cape Maslen Nos

Aquatory to South:

cape Urdoviza


in PDF

Schedule of the Tournament:

Friday, Sept.1




14.00 h.

Registration and medical examination in Primorsko


18.00 h.

Captains meeting

Saturday, Sept.13




9.00 h.

Opening of the tournament in port of Primorsko


9.30 h.

Departure from the port.


10.00 h.

Start of the tournament - see MAP 1


15.00 h.

End of the tournament - see MAP 2


16.30 h.

Catch weighting in Primorsko


18.00 h.

Official results and Rewarding in Primorsko

Highlights from the history of the "Silver Amphora" tournament:

* Highest ever team score: 1976, by the Bulgarian team - 79 270 poits.
* Highest ever individual score: by Hristo Yantchev (Bulgaria) - 33 780 poits.
* Highest numbers of team participations: Bulgaria - 24, Poland - 21, France - 18, Yugoslavia - 17
* Highest numbers of individual participations: V.Pstrokonsky (Poland) - 21, F.Zanki (Croatia) - 13, Mr. H.Yantchev (Bulgaria) - 12 etc.
* Biggest catch ever: V.Hassenevitch (Russia) - seabass 11 kg, M.Hristov (Bulgaria) - sturgeon 7 kg, J.Fornassero France) - seabass 4,8 kg etc.